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  • Ubuntu 22.04 host environment

This may work on other environments but only Ubuntu 22.04 is officially supported.

Setup SSH keys on Host and GitHub

  • Ensure that you have setup ssh keys on your host computer and GitHub to be able to clone the CogniPilot repositories: Connecting to GitHub with SSH

Setup GPG keys on Host and GitHub (Optional)

Install Git

sudo apt install git

Docker Option

If you wish, there is a Docker Development Container that may be used.

Clone Helmet

mkdir -p ~/cognipilot
cd ~/cognipilot
git clone

Run Install Script (If not using docker)

. ~/.profile

Convenience Scripts



This command executes the script build_b3rb_SIL.

This script:

  • Sets up the vcs workspaces based on yaml files provided in helmet.
  • Builds the cranium ROS 2 workspace
  • Builds Cerebri native_posix software-in-the-loop simuliation
  • Builds Cyecca (control/estimation software)
  • Builds Electrode (ground station software)



This command executes the script docs.

This script:

  • Downloads and builds the documentation repository for the documentation you are reading so that contributions can be made easily.



This script:

  • Starts a JupyterLab instance for Cyecca to aid in developing algorithms.

Run B3RB SIL (in JupyterLab terminal or Bash directly)

ros2 launch b3rb_gz_bringup


If running on a machine with a limited graphics card use:

ros2 launch b3rb_gz_bringup world:=basic_map


Example of simulation running.

B3RB Depot world simulation


Use a joystick controller (Logitech F310 suggested) to control vehicle modes.

Select a Mode:


  • A: manual
  • X: cmd_vel (nav2)
  • B: auto (nav2)

Manual Mode:

  • Left stick Up/Down: throttle
  • Right stick Left/Right: steering
  • Click 2D Pose Goal and select desired location on RVIZ2 map.

Auto Mode

  • Click 2D Pose Goal and select desired location on RVIZ2 map.


  • START: arm
  • BACK: disarm